Membership is Closed for 2019

Annual Member Renewal

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The Range is closed every Wednesday until 12 Noon for maintenance, year round. Just because the grass stops growing doesn't mean there isn't other work to be done. We can always use more volunteer help with mowing, trimming, rebuilding target backers, fence repair, etc.

Range Safety Reminders
    • We’re seeing lots of holes in the new metal barricades between the skeet field and the rifle/pistol range. These barricades are in place to prevent clay target pieces and skeet birdshot from hitting anyone forward of the firing line on the rifle/pistol range. Since they are not filled with gravel, like those on the south fence-side barricades, they will not stop rifle/pistol bullets. From the pattern of some of the holes, it looks like they have been caused from someone shooting over on the left side (standing area) at a fairly close target, but offset diagonally from that target. With a target about 5 yards from the firing line, a shooter only has to move one step off-center from the target for the rounds passing through that target to end up hitting the metal barricades too.
    • 4th Rule of Gun Safety: “Be Sure of Your Target AND What is Behind It.” 
    • Also please remember not to put anything on top of the dirt berm or the wood target hangers at 25 yards. The hangers are getting torn up a lot lately, and it’s member funds and member volunteer time to repair/replace the target backers.

    Upcoming events at the Sportsman Club

    1st & 3rd Saturday - Defensive Pistol at 9 am, Trap at 11 am
    2nd Saturday - 9 am - Noon, 3-gun match

    NEW - 4th Saturday - 9 am - Noon, Ladies Handgun

    The rifle/pistol range and skeet fields are closed to "open shooting" during scheduled events.
    The Trap field is not affected by matches on the rifle/pistol range.

New Year's 2012 Powder and Shot

Some of the folks that came out for the New Year's Day shoot

Wild Trap Shoot - Wed. Aug 10th

Ray Galli put us through an interesting and challenging course of fire from a wide variety of distances, positions and handicaps - in other words a heckuva lot of fun. Apparently Harold's arm has healed well as he won the event.
Come out next Wednesday and see what is in store this time.

Boy Scouts from Troop 101 in Sand Springs participate in an NRA Basic Rifle course during December at the Sportsman Club.

Sand Springs Sportsman Club
Is a private members-only club. In order to ensure that all members have maximum access to the facilities, we have found it necessary to limit the number of memberships.
We are not currently accepting new membership applications.

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